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I'm Marcell Kovács, a Psychology masters student at the University of St Andrews. Besides Psychology I'm interested in a wide variety of fields, especially in music, photography, and videography, but I also have experience in graphics, web design and programming. While I have worked at many different working environments, here I would like to present an overview of my creative self.


When I was smaller, I always wondered how electronic music was made. I started making mix CDs at the age of 8, but soon I realised that I wanted more; I wanted to make my own music. A couple of years later, in 2009 I set my feet onto the path leading into the world of music. In the early days, I had been making everything from hip-hop to house and dubstep, mostly as the part of getting to know music production. Since I was lacking formal musical training, I decided to learn music theory by myself. Later I've also taken music theory and electronic music modules at the university. Soon I found myself composing orchestral music and slowly ending up with the sound that I felt as my own. Throughout the years, I have worked on numerous records, several of which ended up in the Top 100 of Beatport (in their genres). I have also composed music for the game B Blind, made by my friend Dániel Huszerl. Together with the rest of the DONT WALK Music (DWM) team we've released an EP recently. I'm also working on my solo techno and progressive house, and ambient albums. At the end of March of last year I stepped into office as SSC Music Officer at the University of St Andrews Students' Association, and I've worked to provide a platform for student musicians. I've also been Head of Music of DONT WALK, a charity fashion show in St Andrews.


My passion for photography has started when I bought my first camera in 2008. I truly enjoyed being able to capture my vision and present it to others. I decided to take photography classes in high school where I was trained to by a professional. In 2011, I won the photography contest of the Israeli Cultural Institute in Hungary, and I invested the prize in a DSLR camera. As a response to the trend of Facebook pages called first name surname photography, I started my own page called Randomfoto. The joke however soon turned into my photography page where I published the photos I took in nightclubs and other venues. I have been working as a freelancer, mostly taking photos of venues. Simultaneously I have also developed an interest in videography. I have created several short movies that featured the music I composed. I also took several photos and shot videos for a Roma NGO, one of which ended up in a featured article on one of Hungary’s biggest online media outlets. At the moment I'm working as a freelancer for Tilted Frame, serving a wide variety of clients, and I've also had the recent pleasure to take the album cover photo for my friend, Sonorized.

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